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Friday, January 15, 2016

Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven of Muskegon Gets $25,000 from Petco!

It's a daily struggle to take care of the animals that find themselves homeless or maybe they find their way in to a shelter because a family just can't take care of them either financially or personally.  These pets either end up on the street, out in a barn or worse yet....destroyed because no one could take care of them.

In Muskegon, the Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven works to make sure that the life of an animal is respected and a home is found for them where they can be part of a grateful family who may have missed out on the opportunity to know how much fun a cat can be as a pet.  Sparked by Diane Valk who had been to the Animal Control Center in her youth on a day they were putting down animals, the memory stuck with her and she's taken the steps necessary to do her part to stop the destruction of pets through her foster work.

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Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven will find a foster home for a cat, or cats and in those foster homes they take care of everything that cat needs until an adoptive family is found.  It's a huge commitment, a huge cost and was recognized in a HUGE way from the Petco Foundation recently.

Petco Online!

The Petco Foundation recognized the work being done by Diane and her volunteers, and for their commitment to making sure animals have a fair chance, they awarded Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven $25,000 for their work in saving the lives of so many cats!

I had a chance to meet up with Diane at The Brew House to learn a little more about Heaven Can Wait and how that $25k grant will help them continue their work.  Take a listen to the story.

Petco has adoptions every weekend and you'll find Diane there, doing what she can to make sure that no lives are destroyed, people can find out just how wonderful a pet a cat can be.  Stop in and see her and say congrats on the grant, and if you've got a pet, remember Petco and their genuine commitment to making sure our pets have the best lives possible.   You can follow the link above to find Heaven Can Wait on Facebook and if you'd like to donate, you'll find a link there to do so.  If you'd like to volunteer 231-737-5644

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