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Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet The Man Behind Skeetown Stereo - Muskegon's New Online Local Radio Station

Initiative!  Drive and an attitude toward a good time while getting your feet planted in something you'd like to do is a really great way to decide that you want to try something.  If that something happens to be building a radio station.... GO FOR IT!

Stormy Weathers owns and operates Custom Computer on Getty near Apple and in his ventures around town working on computers, computer systems and security systems he spent a little time helping a radio station out and got "the bug".  It's an easy bug to catch.

In learning how to help the station, Stormy found himself called to do a radio station his way and I think you'll find....his way is pretty good.  If you think back to the days when radio was at it's heard a wide variety of songs, you didn't hear the same old stuff over and over and if you were lucky, you found an identifiable voice who was right there in town with you keeping you up to date on the goings on.  Thus the inspiration for Skeetown Stereo! 

Click Here to Listen to Skeetown Stereo
Like the oldies?  Like the 80's?  You a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll?  Well you're in luck.  You'll find all of it right here on Skeetown Stereo!

I stopped by to talk a little with Stormy about the station, his inspiration and hopes for the future!  Take a listen to the interview to hear more!

Great people doing great things!  If you don't like the way something is it yourself!  Seems to be a theme catching on around Muskegon!  Feels pretty good don't it?  

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