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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Sunday Special Report From Positively Muskegon.

Our first report was on October 19th of 2015.  Since then, we've gathered a bit of a following and for that, THANK YOU!

Simply put, Positively Muskegon is a grass roots effort to tell the story of Muskegon a little differently.  We certainly don't live in a "perfect" community, no one does...but the majority of what we hear is "the bad news".  Sure "bad news" draws people in, gets people to click to see the next level of shock to a story, but in the long run, without a little balance between the "good" and "bad" things tend to get a little lopsided, and unfortunately....some start to believe the bad.

Do you picture yourself living in a crime ridden part of the world?  Is your area controlled by violence?  Do you have neighbors that look out for you?  Do  you believe the power of good in people trumps the never ending stream of stories about robbery, death and blight?  I don't.

I live in a remarkable community with people in it that are willing to go to the mat for what they think is right, how they can be a part of the solution and share the same pride I do in a city that tends to get the brunt of the "bad news" most of the time.

Is it an idealistic outlook?  Ya...probably, but change begins with belief and is followed up with commitment and hard work and in a short amount of time, the truly great things that happen in Muskegon....well, they start to come your way!  Have a look at our story today!

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