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Monday, November 9, 2015

The James R Barker - Last Coal Shipment to BC Cobb Plant

The buzz was on yesterday about the James R Barker and it's last shipment of coal to fuel the BC Cobb Plant marking the end of an era in Muskegon as well as Michigan as we switch to cleaner energy in the near future.

Eagle Eye Photography of Muskegon was called in to document the occasion.  Eagle Eye Photography has come on very strong with both their commitment to excellence as well as the desire to show Muskegon in a different light.  You'll find stunning views of our large ships, our natural beauty and people doing amazing things.  We're proud of the work they are doing visually to tell the story of Muskegon differently.

Things are changing.  There are still a lot of questions out there about the changes we are seeing, but progress is being made and we'll be here showing things you can be proud of and enjoy!

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