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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Captain! Meet Bob Priefer of the SS Milwaukee Clipper

You know, I have done an interview or two over the years, and I don't brag about my work....I mean....it's a job...ya know....but once in a while, I strike a pot of gold.  Most often, that pile of gold is of their later years....maybe up there quite a ways, and there is a dignity to older people....there is a sense of accomplishment, humility and genuineness to them that tells you they are at peace.  It's a remarkably great thing to tap into....carries a lot of hope for a guy in his mid 40's I tell ya.

I was invited down to tour the Clipper with my friends from Eagle Eye Photography a month or so ago, and then....Randy and Tina Claypool had the idea that maybe I should sit down and talk to the Captain.  He set it up, and here it is.  What I hope you hear...and more importantly what I hope your kids hear is how selfless people of this generation were.  First class guy all the way.

I hope this stands as a historical piece, and one day is part of the media history of Muskegon.

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