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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meet Reverend Robert Teszlewicz From "The Center"

Muskegon Heights has a new center designed for support of the LGBT community and it's called "The Center".  The Center is located at the corner of Peck and Sherman and is a place for people to gather to communicate, learn, find support and basically be themselves.

I have been a Facebook friend with the Reverend Robert Teszlewicz for quite sometime and his encouragement, kindness and genuine caring for people...all people, especially those of us who are quite often leaned on to be the source of "encouragement" for others is a very welcome change from the normal Facebook stuff.  It's a great place to be in life, able to hand out a compliment or share a smile and really, expect nothing in return, but the occasional message of "keep it up" is always appreciated.

I stopped in to The Center to meet Robert, an ordained Catholic Apostolic Priest to learn more about his mission, his history serving the LGBT community and what he faces here in Muskegon.  Robert shares some stories of what he's faced over the years as well as the realities of today, and the future.

It's not about some agenda, it's not about someone pushing their beliefs on you, your family or friends.  It's about equality.  I was proud and honored to meet up with Robert and hear his story.

If you'd like more information on The Center, click on the logo below, it will take you to their Facebook page.  If it's not your cup of tea, that's fine too, but please....respect those who might be a little different than you.  It's not too much to ask and we all search for equality at some point in time.

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