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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Old Newsies and Goodfellows Take to the Streets December 5th

Muskegon has a long standing tradition to be proud of... The Old Newsies and Goodfellows of Muskegon County have been working for years to make sure that if there is a child in need of a good Christmas, they are taken care of with no strings attached and they are taken care of by a grateful community who roll up their sleeves and get to work to make it happen.  Their motto is simple "Let No Child Be Forgotten"

December 5th marks the day whey your friends, neighbors and members of the community band together to take to the streets to sell a one time edition of the Muskegon Chronicle to raise the needed funds to provide the toys, clothing, personal care items and maybe even a little something sweet for the stocking of kids who would otherwise go without.

Debbie Mogdis took over the role of Director of The Old Newsies and Goodfellows in 1999 and has taken the organization from providing for 2000 kids or so to 4000+ kids who need to know the community won't let them down.  I had a chance to stop and talk to Debbie at her work place, the law offices of Shon Cook to find out a little more about her role, and how YOU can get involved!

It's a project I am very proud to have a small role in, and if you are thinking that spending a day making sure you do your part for the kids of Muskegon County is a good on the link below to get in touch with Debbie and join The Old Newsies and Goodfellows for a day you'll never forget!

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