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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Celebrated Service in Muskegon!!

For a few years now, Celebration Cinema has been seeking out the business in the places they have theaters and highlighting them for their outstanding commitment to customer service.  There is a cash prize and there is also a year of being featured in the theaters for the winning business!  It's a very positive and good thing which not only enhances Celebration Cinema's commitment to making sure your experience in their theaters, but encouraging other business to do the same for their customers!!

In the past, the Michigan Irish Music festival has won, so has Mr B's Pancakes...and this year it's really a tough one!

Names like Wasserman's Flowers, Lakeside Emporium, Getty Street Grill, Genius Phone Repair, Lascko Plumbing and Mechanical, MIBar, Wesco, Mr. Quick, Pronto Pup, The Frosty Cove.....tough competition!!

Click on the picture below to see all the contestants and give them a vote!  If they take good care of you, help them back to win the highly coveted Celebrated Service Award from Celebration Cinema!!

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