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Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Promise of the Lakeshore - Keeping Families Together If Homeless

I was in Meijer over the weekend and bumped in to Marian McDermed in the check out lane.  Marian is the Executive Director of Family Promise of Muskegon and I immediately invited myself over to see her and have her tell the story of the work she does to keep families together.

Homelessness happens, and sadly sometimes in the process families get separated because different missions don't allow men in them, or vice versa.  People need a place to stay and shelter is provided, but at the expense of breaking up a family.  Kids end up in foster care or in CPS, men and women are taken apart and valuable time is lost where people can learn and grow....together.  With the Family Promise mission, it's a little different.

Family Promise of the Lakeshore serves all families, traditional and non traditional.  They offer education programs in parenting, money management, nutrition, civic engagement and tenancy.   They have the connections to find medical care, counseling services, housing referrals and more.

Supplies like diapers and personal care items are always needed

In my visit with Marian, I was able to see first hand the hope provided.  I met a couple young families who are currently staying with them and for as humble as the surroundings they had....people were warm, dry, fed and most of all.....they were together.  They have private rooms, they have the tools needed to learn and they are getting an honest hand in becoming a sustainable family that has their feet planted and a direction to go in.

Family Promise is 100% community funded.  There is no state or federal money coming in.  Donations and churches keep the operating budget funded along with the grace of our community.  Have a listen to my chat with Marian.

Great work is being done in Muskegon to keep families together and give them the tools needed to become who they want to be.....a happy family able to face the challenges of life with the needed skills set and most of all... each other.  If you'd like to know more, clock on the photo below of the kids who have been served by Family Promise of the Lakeshore.  You can even make a donation via PayPal if you'd like!

Some of the kids served by Family Promise of the Lakeshore

If you'd like to follow Family Promise of the Lakeshore on Facebook, please click on their logo below to find their page.

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