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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beach Youth Football - National Tournament Bound

The sun was going down quickly and the darkness of November 25th in Michigan took over.  There was to be a practice for the Beach Stampede but the gate was locked and everyone who had the keys was on their way out of town for a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Did that stop the Stampede?  Not for a second.  Up over the fence, under the rail or taking the "long way" to get to the practice field they came in force to squeeze in one more practice before the holiday.  Even the coach, just a couple minutes late as he was trying to wrap things up at work.  But it was happening!

If you have not seen, the Beach Stampede of the Beach Youth Football league, it's time you did. They are on their way to Dallas Texas at the end of December to represent our town for a national title for youth football.  They have been absolutely unbelievable in tournaments in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann name it...they went and conquered!  Beach scored 222 points in the tournaments and only allowed 21 points!  That's a good old fashion lake shore football drubbin!

The coach did finally make it and took a few minutes while the team completed warm up's to tell me a little more about the team, his time coaching them and the amazing journey to get to the road to Dallas.  Meet Coach Gary Brink.

If you'd like to help the team, you can stop into Whitlow's on Airline Road and make a donation or you could join them at a fundraiser there on December 19th.  They'll be having a special pasta dinner with music, raffles and more.  A great place to stop anytime, but if it can help these kids live out the dream of a national tournament...where we need to be on December 19th!  If you can't make it, you can click on the photo below to visit their Go Fund Me Campaign and make a donation!

Good Luck Stampede!  

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  1. These kids are amazing. How proud the community should be of these players.

  2. So proud of these boys. Thanks Andy for a awesome article.