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Saturday, November 21, 2015

NAPA Thanks Customers With Thanksgiving Dinner - For Two!!

A while back, Scott and Tracy Cox who own and operate Muskegon Automotive Supply, NAPA on Laketon, called and asked if OMG! could maybe offer a hand with their social media and knowing them like I do....I jumped at the chance!

Scott and Tracy run the family business that was established in Muskegon in 1934 and has served the community with NAPA Know How and to be honest, integrity and customer service beyond all imagination and there is one thing for sure..,,they have earned the business they run.  I have even heard stories of Scott getting up in the middle of the night to make sure that some guy repairing vehicles on 3rd shift got the parts he needed.  You probably won't hear a story like that from Scott, it's his humble approach to make sure his customers are taken care of.  It's just good business to him.  They have also always tried to find a way to give back.

This year, they decided that in November they would provide Thanksgiving dinner and a NAPA gift card to a customer and if that wasn't enough, the also included a matching prize for the customers friend of choice so they could have Thanksgiving taken care of too.

Jaret Allen was selected form all the entries all month and came in this morning to claim the prize.  He's busy out helping a friend  get some work done covering boats and getting them winterized because "he needed a hand and he'd help me if I needed it".

Positively Muskegon - think about the title.  It's friends and neighbors helping each other.  It's a business grateful for their customers.  It's a simple way to show the rest of the world that the truly good things that happen in Muskegon, happen because of people like Jaret and places like Muskegon Automotive Supply.   We're proud to help tell the story!

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