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Wings Over Muskegon
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Friday, August 26, 2016

New Faces- New Roles and a Renewed Look At The Frauenthal Center in Muskegon

The Frauenthal Center is stirring things up a little Downtown Muskegon.  There's going to be a great evening of free entertainment focusing on different areas of the incredible theater.  You'll have a chance to meet some of the new additions to the staff and see where some of your favorite people who work there now will be focusing on down the line.  They are all exciting changes and you can stroll through to see them on September 20th!

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What will you find?  Great question.  Well... In the Ballroom, the West Side Soul Surfers and a DJ from Modern Entertainment.  In the Reception Gallery you'll find an Art Exhibit "When Thoughts Become Things" and a string quartet and piano performance.  In the Frauenthal itself a Barton Organ Performance by Jim Fles.  Brandon Davis & Victory in Praise Gospel Choir, Flex and Fingers Dueling Pianos, and HDOE rounds out things with a hip hop show.  In the Beardsley Theater a spoken word performance from Diatribe and a stand up comedy show featuring Adam Degi, Nardos Eyoas and Stu McCallister.  Whew!  Can you really get all of that in the Frauenthal at once?  Yup.

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There will also be complimentary light refreshments, appetizers and beverages, a cash bar, tours of the historic theater and complimentary trolley service from Downtown Muskegon Parking Lots from 5-9p.  There is a good size crowd expected so they want to make sure everyone can find a spot to park and see what there is to see!

I had a chance to catch up with one of the new faces we were talking about a little bit ago Ricki Levine is the new managing director of the Frauenthal Center.  It's a great way for you to get to meet Ricki and a chance to hear what her vision is for this historic landmark in Muskegon.  Take a listen to our chat below.

It's an essential part of Muskegon and it's your chance to come down and see what's new or maybe reflect on something you have done there or seen there in the past.  Personally, every single time I have been on the stage at the Frauenthal it's been the most incredible feeling.  Sure...I am there to say a few words before an event, but still....just off the stage...with the curtains hanging there, a quick peek out over the crowd and that moment you take the first step....it's amazing!  I'll be doing a little more than a few words in October at Mercy Health Presents "The Truth" on the 13th.  It's a story I've told before...but never in the amazing surroundings of the Frauenthal.  Hope to see you there.  You can click on the Frauenthal logo below for their complete website and upcoming schedule.

Visit the Frauenthal Website

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