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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Walk to Remember September 3rd at Heritage Landing - Helping Those Who Have Lost a Baby in Muskegon

You know...hindsight is always 20/20.  I never had my own kids because I was afraid that my drinking problem would ruin their lives.  I am now surrounded by 6 grandkids and more than making up for it, but looking back...part of the whole experience for me that I missed is the anticipation.  The 9 months from conception that you wonder, hope, dream and pray.  I know that most just pray for 10 fingers, 10 toes...after all, a baby is a miracle waiting to happen right?

Well, to some the miracle never quite gets here...and for some others, their miracle is cut short due to the loss of a baby In Utero, at birth or shortly there after.  All those hopes....dreams and blessings that were counted ahead are gone and I can only imagine, the void left is beyond measure.  The grieving process becomes what I can only imagine is akin to sorrow,  rage, hopelessness, guilt and fear.  Something went horribly wrong and took away two people's dream and there can be little or no comfort in that.
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I have found, thru other channels in life that when you really hit bottom....when you really can't find answers or a place to turn.....that there is truly strength in numbers.  Support groups and functions are elemental for one reason.  You are able to find commonality with others who have shared or are sharing your experience.  I have become a pretty firm believer that the human species has a pretty common set of characteristics and when you open yourself up a little to hearing and seeing that you are not alone....it's a much lighter burden to bear.

Hope From a Healing Heart Online
I was sent a tip from Karen Gagnon about an event that is happening in Muskegon on September 3rd at 10:30 at Heritage Landing called "A Walk to Remember".  It's a chance for parents and families who have lost a baby to come together and remember....talk, listen and know that they are not alone.  There will be a speaker, some refreshments and some opportunities to share pictures, songs, poems...whatever is needed to help the healing process to begin.

The organizers of  "A Walk to Remember" are Chris and Melissa Near.  I had a chance to catch up with them and talk a little about the event as well as their organization and how they step in to help others in such a tragic time.  Take a listen to our chat below.

I know it's "Positively Muskegon" and that this story isn't exactly the bubbly fun stuff you are used to seeing, but....you know what?  Muskegon is FILLED with organizations like this who truly deserve the exposure.  If you can't find a hand to hold on to in Muskegon for any number of things, you really need to look a little harder.  People here are good.  People in Muskegon care about their friends and neighbors.  People in Muskegon understand loss and they are kind enough to take what they have been thru and shine a light for others to see that there is a path back to hope once again.  This is the reason I love Muskegon and it's people the way I do.  My thanks to Chris and Melissa Near for taking the time to share a little of their story and for them to lead the way for others!

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