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Monday, August 1, 2016

First Friday's Downtown Muskegon Welcomes Back the Street Performers

It kicked off the Summer with a bang....and a concept.  What if we tried different themes Downtown Muskegon all Summer long and invited different people, with different interests to share the spotlight and show off the amazing changes that have happened.....and those that are in progress.  Just like that...First Friday's were born.

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If you remember back, the fist night of the "First Friday's" event featured a wealth of street performers.  This'll find everything from magicians to bag pipers.....juggling, hula hooping, sidewalk art, clogging, barbershop quartets, belly dancers and more.  And no...I will not be part of the belly dancers...

That first round of street performers too....made some magic happen. media was FLOODED to say the least about what was going on.  I watched as people posted pictures....sent them to me via private message, tagged friends and basically told their circle of friends that they were really missing out by not being Downtown Muskegon.  That spark tho....that momentary shaking of what's expected Downtown Muskegon....was no more.  It's an area on the move.

It's a place where you can find great food, a tasty beverage or two and most of all, you can find your friends and neighbors and really enjoy the reemergence of Downtown.  There has been much work going on with all of this, and Ellen Berrends of Downtown Muskegon has had a pivotal role in all of it.  Take a listen to our chat about the first Street Performers date and what you can expect this Friday in Downtown Muskegon.

Not only will you see the collection of Street've got Parties in the Park going, The Frauenthal will be hosting an open house, the restaurants will be welcoming, and the people who make Muskegon such a great place will all be there.....together.....celebrating community and the rejuvenation of our "Downtown".  Will it ever be the "downtown" of yesteryear?  Probably not, but right before your eyes....right here and right now....history is being rewritten and I fully believe....our best days are yet to come!  If you'd like to know more about Downtown Muskegon, click on the link below!

Downtown Muskegon - Click Here!

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