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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In The Works - A Downtown Muskegon Dog Park!

Sarah Sass is not one to sit still all that often.  When she's usually to plan something and 99.9% of the planning of something awesome, it's for Muskegon's generations to come.

Sarah is the manager of the Watermark Center Downtown Muskegon.  They have recently expanded their complex by opening The Coffee Factory adding another great offering in a small corner of downtown.  Artisan coffee, pastry and more.

Next on Sarah's list of things to do?  The Downtown Muskegon Dog Park!

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People love their dogs!  We've got the dog beach already, but what about a wide open space where dog's can get a run in, sniff a few butts and burn off some of the amazing energy they never seem to run out of?  What better place for people to connect while the dogs are doing what they do?

Yes, a dog park is a fun playground for canines....but it's also a place for friends and neighbors to meet up, talk to each other and a part of the community.  Might be an old friend from school, maybe a co worker, possibly a perfectly good stranger....your social options are limitless depending on you.

Downtown Dog Park on Facebook
If you take a look at another recent addition to Downtown Muskegon, The Muskegon Farmers Market, you can see that simple things that focus on connecting people are really a big deal.  In an honest opinion..I think it reflects a change in society to some degree.  People are seeking out places that they can see some familiar faces, shake a hand or two and get away from the computer screen for a few minutes....all the mayhem on social media...and just be friends and neighbors.  Even Pokemon GO focuses on getting people out of the house and wandering around places they may have never considered.  Evolution happening right before our eyes.

I caught up with Sarah and Boots and we talked about the initiative to get the Downtown Muskegon Dog Park up and running and a community a place to enjoy, together.  Take a listen to our interview below!

There you have it!  The ball is rolling and more great things are coming for Muskegon and Muskegon's furry friends.  If you'd like to know more, click on the event link below.  They are having a kick off party August 30th at The Coffee Factory.  Click on the invite below for the official event invitation.

Yappy Hour to Kick Off the Campaign

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