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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Muskegon's Sport Fishermen Helping Feed Those in Need

Muskegon is all about the water!  You can find anything here to do with it!  Lakes and streams....for recreation or sport, our water is one of our greatest resources and to think of just how many come and see us just for the water....amazing!  Muskegon sees plenty of swimmers....boaters, kite boards....surf boards sometimes and of course fisherman!

Nothing better than seeing a bunch of boats heading out to catch "The Big One".....but where do the fish go once caught?  Pretty sure you'll love the story from here on out.

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The lakes we have here offer a bounty of fish...and when they are caught, the hope is that they end up cleaned and either frozen for late use or cooked up on the spot...let's be honest......is there anything better than a mess of fresh caught pan fist or maybe some delicious salmon?  With that bounty of the catch comes the responsibility to make sure the fish gets eaten...and yes...we have a program for that!

The Fishmongers Wife
The Fish Mongers Wife, Amber, got a hold of me and wanted to share the story of just where the catch goes after a tournament and how that incredible amount of food doesn't even come close to going to waste thanks to her and her team who make sure the catch of the day becomes a delicious meal for those who struggle to make ends meet when it comes to food.  Yes, you guess it...the fish are cleaned and prepped and then served up at The Supper House...a community outreach of Mission for Area People here in Muskegon.  Mission for Area People is no stranger to Positively Muskegon.  They do amazing things for our community and we're always happy to peel back another layer of their work and show you more of what goes on.

I was able to meet up with Amber Petersen and Shari Hughes at The Supper House for some more details on this incredible way to support a sport industry and how they in turn, support those who need the help the most.  Have a listen to out chat below!

As you can see...Muskegon never let's it's people down.  For all the flashy boats that come to town..all the trophies handed out and cash prizes won...at the end of the day, the real winners are those who would go hungry otherwise.  There is much to be proud of with the care taken of the people of Muskegon and those who are willing to sacrifice their time and talent to make sure nothing goes to waste!  Many thanks to Amber for the invite!  Many thanks to the fishermen who help feed the people of a grateful community in Muskegon.  If you'd like to know more about Mission for Area People please, click on their image below!

Mission for Area People Online

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