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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Honest Talk About a Serious Issue - Suicide - Muskegon Offers So Much Hope

It's an awful subject.  It's an awful truth to have to admit that I was within seconds of making a decision that would have forever taken away what this life has become since.  I sat there, alone in a room thinking that life was pointless...that all I was, was an alcoholic with no chance of bettering my life and no chance of becoming less of a burden on my family and friends.  I had a split second of clarity that saved me....some don't.

We're not here to glorify anything.  This is a story about the people, the resources and the outreach available to anyone....or any age in Muskegon that has in the back of their mind that there is no other way.  Well there is....and the help is here.

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It's a complex issue.  There are so many factors that come in to play.  Life situations, mental health, substance abuse, peer pressure, life history....I wish I was an expert at all of it to help discuss it and I wish too that it wasn't a subject that seems to plague our area as it does!

I'm going to be talking about my story in detail October 13th at the Frauenthal Center for Performing Arts in a program called "The Truth - Honesty About Life" along with a couple more speakers that had similar pasts....different circumstances....but none the less the discussion will happen and as the word spreads, so do the opportunities to meet people who can help in the most urgent situations and help you recognize the warning signs if you or someone you love are struggling with the thoughts of suicide.

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Michael Pyne of HealthWest and Chairperson of the Suicide Prevention Coalition  is just one of those people.  I was invited down to talk about the upcoming presentation and found a wealth of knowledge and resources available as well as ways to recognize a potential problem in yourself or someone you love.  Take a listen to our conversation and please....take away the knowledge that there's help out there if you need it.

If you need help it's there!  Call 1-800-273-8255 immediately or Text 741741 for an immediate response if you are thinking about harming yourself. Reach out..ask for help and whatever you do....know that to someone in this world, you are everything!  You are important and your purpose has yet to be seen.  But it's real and you are a precious person.  If you'd like to know more.. HealthWest is here and they can help!  Please click on their logo below to access their services and if it's an urgent matter, call that number you saw seconds ago.  Thanks to Michael Pyne for his honest discussion today about the toughest subject imaginable.

Join the Walk September 8th

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