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Thursday, November 3, 2016

West Michigan Cancer Awareness Musical November 13th at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church

Everyone has been effected by cancer in some way.  To think that in 2016 we're still working to find a way to end the scourge to society is hard to believe...but cancer continues to elude the worlds greatest minds...and it also continues to silence many with a lot of life ahead of them.

It's an everyone disease.

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Some statistics from The American Cancer Society are that in 2016 a staggering number, 42.05% of males are at risk of developing cancer.  Of that 42% .... 22.6% are at risk of dying from it.  Females.....37.58% at risk of developing cancer with a 19.13% chance of dying.  It's just too much.

An evening of a little fundraising and a little awareness is planned on November 13th at the Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church at 6pm.  You'll find featured entertainers JJ Hairston and Jonathan Dunn along with praise and worship groups, a community choir and more!  This event has been going strong for 7 years!!

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Meet Wanda Balckshire-Jefferson who's one of the organizers of this incredible event.  Wanda is an RN so you can imagine that she's had a little more contact with those suffering from cancer and has devoted her time to making sure that the awareness is there as well as the hope for those who are effected by cancer.

It effects everyone!!  Everyone enjoys a night of awesome singing. Everyone could use a little uplifting.  This is a free event and open to everyone...maybe bring a donation to help.   Why not make sure you are a part of the event and check out the show?  To learn more, click on the event poster below.

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November 26th in Muskegon


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