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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Muskegon Jaycees - Out of the Ashes and Back on Top

Organizations come and go.  If you look back over the years you'll see that groups like the ALAC (Knights Templar Ladies Auxiliary) or maybe the AUSS (American Union of Swedish Singers) may have served a higher purpose at one point in time.  Some organizations continue to be elemental... The Eagles Club, The Moose Lodge... they are all still going.  In of these organizations is having an incredible comeback!

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For 80 years the Muskegon Jaycees have been working on improving Muskegon with their work, their networking and their never ending desire to develop future leaders in business, community and personally.  A chance to meet other young professionals to share benefits and from time to time and then and again...maybe just a good old fashioned party!

As time went by, the local chapter of the Jaycees kind of had the wind fall out of it's sails.  People aged can only be a Jaycee until you turn 41, ideas felt crusty and membership dipped dangerously low.  So low in fact the Muskegon Jaycees we under the minimum number to retain their charter.

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Have no fear though!  There was a former Jaycee that was lured out of "retirement" to light the fire once again and get the gears turning.  To be honest...out of all the people I know here in Muskegon to light that fire again... Kris Collee.  She's second to none when it comes to and purpose when it comes to all things Muskegon and her history with the Jacycees is incredible.   Job changes and making room for a family took her away from the Jaycees for a bit....but she's back and so are the Jaycees!  Take a listen to our chat below!!

There you have it!  It's a remarkable organization and they get things done around town!  It might be some of the more notable fun things like Snowfest or it might be just the chance for you to meet with others to learn, grow and be a part of a very community minded organization.  Develop your skills....develop relationships and see that you're not alone when it comes to wanting better for Muskegon!  The Jaycees are looking for you!  If you'd like more information... click on their logo below!

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