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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meet a Young Man Who's Got His Eye On the Spotlight in Muskegon

In any line of work, I think that the desire to pass on what you know is a key to maintaining the "balance" of what you do and why.

When I was young....I was very fortunate to have found mentors in pretty much the elite of the West Michigan broadcasting business.  I can honestly say that it wasn't always easy and that most of my lessons were about having thick enough skin to make it in the biz.

As time shifted and it became me that had the experience and background in the business....I always did what I could to help younger people develop, grow and understand just what a life in broadcasting is.  To me, the lesson always was.. "If you get this'll see that being in broadcasting is a's a chance to communicate with a LOT and the ability to use that influence to make things better for one or many."  All the while, you also have the opportunity that no paycheck can ever pay for.  You've got the access no one else get opportunities to meet people you only read about in books or see on TV.  Practiced responsibly being "out front" can add to a very rich existence and where you might now be a millionaire because of it...the ride is pretty remarkable.

As time has gone on, and the "good old days" of broadcasting are becoming more and more distant in the rear view....that desire doesn't really change, and when you see a spark in someone's eye....well, you can't help but want to see if the tiny bit of knowledge you've picked up along the way can continue on.

I first met Trevor Hilson when his dad introduced me to him.  What a spark.  Bright young man, really outgoing and happy in his surroundings.  He always made it a point to come up and say hi at a hockey game....bring some friends by to say "I know Andy this" and to be honest...even though I can't really see the thrill in meeting me....I remember too what a big deal it was to me to be able to brag up the fact I worked with Rick Beckett or Aris Hampers....or Mike Tinnes.....Tom Robinson....Danny Douglas...... you get the idea.

Street Cred!
A few months ago, Trevor came up to me at a fundraiser and presented me his card!  At first I kind of giggled...but as he talked...I saw it.  "I'm announcing at football announcements..."  I saw it!  My replacement is coming down the pipe :)  Do I fear him....or do I do the right thing and give him what I have?  Choice was pretty clear.

Called up the kids parents and said I have an idea.....let's introduce him to Muskegon.  So, without further adieu......Mr. Travor Hilson....announcer!

How bout that for some excitement?  I'll tell ya... at Trevor's age.... the future is limitless.  I guess time will tell if he sticks it out in the "broadcasting" field...or maybe life takes him in a different direction....on thing is for sure....if he needs a hand, I'll give it.  I hope too over time....that he can add a little perspective of Muskegon as the "Positively Muskegon Kids Beat" reporter.  This blog was started so that ALL of us in Muskegon could have a voice...and the most important part of that voice is the future of it....I think it's pretty safe to assume that the future is in pretty good hands with Trevor Hilson.

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