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Monday, November 28, 2016

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style in Muskegon With the Rockin' Oldies New Years Bash

What's to do this New Year's Eve?  Well, if you're in Muskegon you're in luck because there's going to be an elegant and fun affair that will not only give you a chance to indulge in great food and'll get a chance to enjoy some great entertainment in a classy and elegant atmosphere.  There's a fun theme to go along with the evening...The Rockin' Oldies!'s time to get out the poodle skirt and blue suede shoes if you have them, or business casual to tuxedo's are welcome.

Get Tickets to the Rockin' Oldies NYE Party!
Mona Lake Productions is Bob Scolnik's "retirement job".  Bob started off with a tool truck route and built up his business over the years to where he came to own Muskegon Brake.  As time went on, the business was sold and Bob found himself not being able to sit still much.  He's a Muskegon County commissioner as well as show producer.  Not to mention, husband....father....grandfather and  mentor to many.  He's a tireless advocate for Muskegon and devoted to making life better around here.

A fan of elegant gatherings, Bob has put on some pretty good shindigs all over town.  This New Year's Eve it's Verdoni's new Event Center on Seminole Road.  You'll find a two entree  dinner from The Harris Group.  You'll great Hors d'oeuvres  a DJ warming up the show and then some featured entertainment with Mr. Quentin Flagg, 50's and 60's singer.. and The Whatabouts from Detroit.  Mr. Flagg is a performer who's taken his act all over the world and The Whatabouts concentrate on "girl group" songs of the 60's!  Thus....time to get out the poodle skirt for this great evening of fun to usher in 2017!

Bob found a couple of minutes to catch up with me and talk about his endeavors.  Take a listen to our chat below to find out more details about this grand event!

Fun!  For those who complain and say "There's never anything to do in Muskegon" well, her's your sign!  Take a break from the bar scene.  Get some tickets to a truly elegant evening of fun, memories and of!  Enjoy the delicious menu....the great environment and walk away from a New Year's Eve you'll never forget!  My thanks to Mona Lake Productions for the sponsorship of the blog and putting on such a great event in Muskegon!

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