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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MOCAP Can Help You Save Your Home in Foreclosure or Help A First Time Home Buyer

Hot off the heels of the Project Homeless Connect last week, I was invited down to the Muskegon Oceana Community Action Partnership to talk about how they can help keeping people from becoming homeless in the first place.

We've paid a visit here in the past and the information is always useful because people who least expect it can find themselves in a worry some situation and the threat of loosing a house... it's real.

We last visited the agency back in May.  With the town buzzing after the day at the LC Walker Arena it was time to sit down and let you know what resources there are out there that can help you from falling into foreclosure, which could eventually lead you to being homeless.  There are also plenty of programs available for first time buyers and ways to make current home owners payments more affordable on a monthly basis.

All of that help is out there, but the system is not always that easy to navigate.  It can also be remarkably intimidating to try and navigate on your own.

We're talking about money here, it can be a very touchy subject for those who are trying to collect it and those who are trying to come up with the payments due....while trying to keep the heat on, food on the table and gas in the car.  What about those who have to choose between prescriptions for themselves or their kids...and a house payment?  It's a real situation in a lot of people's lives..but MOCAP can help.

November 26th in Muskegon

I was invited down by Todd Rasmussen and Effie Grandberry to bring you the "at home" version of what you could have learned last week.  Take a listen to our talk below.

Let's be honest.... there is a LOT of red tape when it comes to getting things done.  The help is offered, but the task of trying to learn a system while under the pressure of the possibility of loosing your home.  It's tough!  MOCAP knows the channels, the resources and the programs that can help you out.  You're not alone you know.. it wasn't too long ago i was going through all the steps it took to get my mortgage adjusted.  I wish I would have thought to ask for a hand from a place like MOCAP.  Need to know more?  Check out their website below.

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