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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Muskegon Rescue Mission Serving Since 1907

 It's hard to imagine that we've had to have a Muskegon Rescue Mission here.....since 1907.

1907.  Think about that.  That means that even through the "best of times" post lumber era here in Muskegon there has been a need to help people who have found themselves in a situation that no one can really prepare for.  It doesn't take much and just about anyone can come to need a helping hand.

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Like many in town...I don't know the scope of the work that goes on by the Muskegon Rescue Mission.   I see the men's shelter on Laketon when I drive by.  I always think, "Well it's a good thing they are there." and I keep on going.  Sure, I understand they need much more attention than that so when Tim Lopez got a hold of me to visit and learn more, I got a little research going and snapped at the chance to learn more.

The Muskegon Rescue Mission is one of the oldest ministries in West Michigan.  They have 2 residential quarters for people.  They operate thrift stores to help fund their work.  They host special events to help raise funds to continue the work..Soup for Suits coming up in February and the Foreshore Adventure Run a little later in the Spring of 2017 are just a couple.  They hosted a free community Thanksgiving dinner at Muskegon High School recently and fed over 1000 people.  I can tell you this.  The work is never ending and the need continues to increase.  One thing that always makes me proud of Muskegon is the fact that no matter the circumstance, we find a way to help.

Back to that invite from Tim Lopez.  I worked with Tim and had kind of lost track of him until I heard that he's appearing in the 2017 Dancing With the Local Stars.  I had thought he moved I guess but then, to find out that the silence was just from the work he's taken on to help the Muskegon Rescue Mission.  Fair enough.  It's a tough job, so catching up was a great thing on many levels.  Take a listen to our chat below!

We don't fail each other in Muskegon.  Period!  If there ever was a community that looked out for those who need a hand it's Muskegon.  To know that for 107 years, the Muskegon Rescue Mission has not only survived but grown into the role it has... well, that's something to be pretty proud of.  If you'd like to know more or help on the Muskegon Rescue Mission's logo below and visit their site!

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