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Friday, November 25, 2016

Giving Back Christmas December 3rd in Muskegon - A Return Visit

Early on in the Positively Muskgon blog..we were still trying to find our legs.  What was to be the true theme of PM?  Should it be me observing and reporting?  Should it be commentary about life here?  Should it be a platform for more?

Lot's of things to think about.

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As I worked through the first few posts....I got an invite to come share a story about a group of mom's who were putting on an event at the VFW on Apple Avenue to give kids in the Wolf Lake area a chance to make a Christmas card for a soldier....wrap a present or two for their parents....decorate cookies, visit Santa etc.  So, off to Wolf Lake I went.

We sat huddled around a GoPro camera in Andrea Rosema's "she shed" which was really the corner of her garage, and we talked to the women putting this on.  We had a couple crashes of the backdrop...we were crammed in to get the shot, we ended up backing down to just Andrea and me....but we did it!  I have told everyone I've met that wondered about the blog all about this.  The impact this story had on me and the direction of it all.  A small happening in Muskegon that needed to count.  Here....take a look.

Last Years Story

A year later...they are back at it out in Wolf Lake for the neighborhood kids.  Andrea and friends are ready for the fun and the direction that this blog took from this very story defined what we'd be doing.  Finding people in Muskegon who take on tasks...large and small to make our community a better place.  It might be a powerful exec....might be a group of moms.....but they are all important to the fiber of our community.

Andrea invited me back out and I am proud to say that Giving Back Christmas is happening once again in Muskegon.  Take a listen to our talk about this years event at the Apple Ave VFW December 3rd.

They set out to have a fun event for kids....they ended up shaping the way that we'd tell our stories!  This is how community is built.  This is the way we make things happen.  It's the cumulative work of everyone that makes Muskegon what it is.  I went in thinking "I am shooting a story in a garage....".  I walked out knowing how important things that start off in garages are and how much the people in those garages make a difference in Muskegon.  Please help me in humbly thanking Andrea......join her at Giving Back Christmas December 3rd!  More details in the picture below!

Giving Back Christmas 2016

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