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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hamburger Mikey - Muskegon's Third Street Revival Continues

The growth of Muskegon and in particular the Downtown Area of Muskegon continues at a break neck pace.  People have been thrilled with the emergence of the breweries...restaurants.....and destinations on Western Avenue, but the pace is equally fast on Third Street in case you were not watching!

We're rapidly getting a hip little stretch of town!

Shop Downtown Muskegon Nov. 26th
You'll find Third Coast Vinyl, The Orphanage Tattoo shop and now....the once hallowed grounds known as The Ice Pick will be a fun, unique and tasty new destination.....and to be honest....the much whispered about Hamburger Mikey is opening!!

I'll be more than honest.  I never went to the Ice Pick.  I have heard all the stories and recognize too that that spot had to be something awesome!  Enter Hamburger Mikey.

Hamburger Mikey on Facebook

Mike and Mary Jane Burling bought the building a few years ago and they decided on simplicity.  You can get a Mikey burger with a single meat patty or a Fat Mikey which is 2 burger patties...completely fresh and with an array of toppings for you to choose from.  Throw in some fresh cut fries....and boom!  You've got the menu....well, with a grilled cheese option for vegetarians.  The Meat Block of Muskegon is the source for their, we're growing 2 Muskegon Business'!

The pace has been deliberate to get to the doors open....some have been chomping at the bit to make it happen quicker.  Who doesn't want a fun concept of a restaurant in town?  Muskegon has been begging for unique places that we can call our own and watch grow!  We've been waiting for that new "must have" stop in town.  Not to say that we don't already have exquisite restaurants, but the image alone of a hamburger take out restaurant, locally owned with it own spin on food....who can pass that up?

I was able to catch up with Tim Taylor and Mikey himself at Hamburger Mikey's for myself to talk about the process, the concept and the hopes for a long term. ultra cool spot on Third Street that will continue the growth and maybe bring a new face or two in!  Take a listen to our chat below!

I'll tell's a great thing watching Muskegon unfold!  People are not giving up and the narrative...well, it's changing.  It's the effort of so many great people who are able to look past "what was" and say "what could that be?"  Areas of town that sat empty for years are finding new life....and people are digging it!  All the best to Hamburger Mikey!  Make sure you get down there and enjoy a burger or two!  If you're part of the Watch Us Go hub bub...good for you!!  Act on it and let's welcome Hamburger Mikey! bout a look at a burger?

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  1. I will have to check this out. Given the location, I was wondering if they have considered a "pay it forward" menu. There are plenty of homeless in Muskegon. They too deserve a hot meal. I would be willing to buy a meal for a homeless person.

  2. Prices please and we just might come to enjoy your offerings. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS, BE BLESSED.

  3. $6.75 for the fat mikey. double burger with what you'd like on it. burger, fries and drink about 12 bucks. outstanding value for the price