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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome Great Lakes Fresh Market to Muskegon

It's immediately noticeable...I walked in to the new Great Lakes Fresh Market on Apple Ave and right away....I was caught off guard by the smiles, the people greeting me and seemingly very happy going about their tasks.  Not that I once had a bad experience under the former name of Plumb's but where the refreshed look of the stores is still to come, the atmosphere is already changed and Muskegon has a company opening instead of closing.  That in and of itself is newsworthy to me.

From the parent company website, Great Lakes Foods, it's pretty apparent that not only is customer service paramount, so is helping retailers like Great Lakes Fresh Market succeed.  They help with a lot behind the scenes to assure success, and to the customers....they are focused on fresh food that is healthy, easy to prepare and offers a great flavor and price.

Dan and Lisa Gentz
The cosmetic and branding changes are going to come quick.  You'll see the new look over the course of the next couple weeks, along with all the accouterments that make your shopping experience a friendly and inviting experience.  As those changes happen, you'll also see premium meats, bakery, deli and produce.  Dairy and frozen...your standard grocery items and health and beauty aid's.  The main focus though will be customer service...and that begins with making sure they are paying attention to the details with their team members.

Yes, believe it or not, Great Lakes Fresh Market is not only going to invest in Muskegon, it's going to invest in the people of Muskegon who work for them.  It makes pretty quick sense that happy employees lead to happy customers.  It's that small town type focus that resounded with my talk today with Dan Gentz who's in the process of moving to Muskegon to put some roots down and work to bring the personal touch to shoppers who stop in to see.  He's even got "The Boss" in on it, yes...Mrs. Gentz is the customer service lead.  It's a family operation.  Take a listen to our chat below.

It's a new era!  What we thought was lost, is renewed with a fresh outlook, a fresh set of rules and most of all, a Fresh Market.  It will be interesting to watch the future unfold with Great Lakes Fresh Market in Muskegon.  From what I hear from most people, they are meeting what Muskegon expects. Locally owned, community involved and a willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to service, selection and specialties.  Follow along with the changes, and keep an eye on the Great Lakes Fresh Market website for specials, recipes, coupons and a convenient shopping list feature!  Welcome to Great Lakes Fresh Market.  Click on the Great Lakes Fresh Market photo below to view their website!

Great Lakes Fresh Market Online

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