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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Muskecon - A Look Back at the Day That Was

It came and went, this thing called Muskecon.  The idea was to make Muskegon "Nerd" again.

I was happy to be invited to do a story ahead of the event, and I went right down there and paid my $5 to get in and see the show.   Now, keep in mind, I was there for maybe an hour.  We did a FB live thing to help promote the show a little but by didn't really matter.  Pete McCarthy had this event in the bag and it was rockin!

I asked Jeremy Dewitt who had a booth there if I could swipe his photo's of the day to share, and he said without a doubt.  Why share some photos?  Well, I want you to take a good look at them.  What a day.  We had happy people walking around with other happy people in a BRAND NEW event in Muskegon.  We had active participants, we had passive people just strolling thru.  We had comics, artists, toys, crafters, kids, parents.  We had people in from all over the state and we had locals with a first chance to share their great talents with everyone else!

What some see as a comic event, I saw a remarkable gathering of people from all cross sections of life.  I saw Muskegon out having fun without worrying about what anyone else thinks.  I saw imaginations running wild, I saw people who like to play.  I saw families together and I saw the seedlings of an event I personally hope grows and grows and grows!

Comic and toys.  Mighty fine way to get the town together if you ask me!  Congrats to Pete and all who helped launch Muskecon!

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