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Monday, March 20, 2017

I Scream You Scream! It's Ice Cream Season in Muskegon - Popped in to Coney Land

It wasn't much of a Winter really.  At least I didn't think it was.  BUT!  It certainly enough of a winter to get the local ice cream shops closed down and the sweets lovers of Muskegon have had to resort to tubs of Moose Tracks that you eat secretly after the spouse goes to bed.  Are you seeing the line here?  Where the author reveals a little something about his daily life?  :)

Personal ice cream experiences aside, since today is the first day of Spring, I thought it fitting to pop in on a local ice cream shop and learn a little more.  Since I have not been to the North side of town lately, I asked Ron Morin of Coney Land if I could drop by.  He was kind enough to find a few minutes for me.

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Why ice cream?  Well, here's my thoughts.  Ice cream is still a very premium treat.  There are those who love soft serve, those that want all the bells and whistles....some want a single scoop of vanilla and others want a Popsicle.  The thought of a trip to an ice cream store to a kid is like Valentines Day and Easter all wrapped up in one!  Ice cream is a great first date, it's a great stop to make for older people who'd just like to watch kids play for a bit, catch up with neighbors, unwind a little and support a local business.

Speaking of a local business, have you ever stopped to think of the impact an ice cream place has?  People in from out of cream crews are ambassadors!  A great smile and attitude leaves an impression.  An ice cream crew is a great place for young workers to get their first experience in the working world and out of all the local ice cream shops I know...they are all small, family run business.  Small business is the backbone of the local economy, you've heard it time and time again.

Take a few minutes to listen to Ron Morin in the video below!  See what goes in to the day to day of an ice cream shop!

Ice cream, quick serve foods.  A great atmosphere and a timeless family friendly destination for a little sugar rush.  Coney Land is one of many ice cream shops that are taking down the boards over the windows in Muskegon and getting ready for the Summer season!  Ron was kind enough to spare a minute on this first day of Spring, stop in and see him at Coney Land or pick an ice cream shop near you and get out and celebrate!  Think too, just how much goes into the ice cream shop.  What a way to treat yourself and move the local economy.

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