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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Muskegon Railroad Historical Society Is On the Move

It's one of those articles I have to write with not a single excuse of why it took me so long to stop into the Muskegon Historical Railroad Society.  Life is busy, there are a million things to do, but to have had something as incredible as the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society pass me by, until one to blame but myself.  Well, I got there...and so should you!

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The Muskegon Railroad Historical Society has been around for 33 years.  In that time they have amassed one of, if not the largest library dedicated to railroads in the state.  They have also built INCREDIBLE displays of multiple scales of model railroads.  They have a giant collection of historic items from train lines, items related to the railroad industry and even a local flavor with some of the collectibles you can see in the video that accompanies this article.

The main viewing area, which we've incorporated a glace at in  my interview with Michael Wood, is breathtaking. The attention to detail, as well as the expansive area it's laid out over....simply put is the kind of thing dreams are made of.  I literally felt like a kid again just being able to see the one room.  There are more, and you'll find layouts that show you just what the railroad has meant to Muskegon over the years, and how many neighborhoods had a railroad presence in them.  It's a sincerely amazing look at our town.

There is a sense of urgency though, the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society needs a new home.  Currently, they are right above the Muskegon Heritage Museum on Western Avenue and the Heritage Museum needs the space to expand.  Great for the Heritage Museum....but the Railroad Historical Society will be moving.  Take a listen to my chat with Mike about the upcoming move and put your thinking cap on to see if maybe you know where a great new location for this group.

I know the days of the model train may seem a distant memory to some.  I know too, that Michigan isn't exactly in tune with just how much goes on still in the railroad business!  In states that are heavily populated, commuter rails are essential.  In the shipping business, there is a good chance just about anything you buy or use spent some time on a train.  We've got a truly historic Muskegon Railroad Society here, if you know of a new space for them, or would just like to stop by to see it for yourself, click on the photo above to be connected to their Facebook page!  Wish them the very best in finding a new place for this utterly amazing part of our history.

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