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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Spring Season at the Frauenthal Has Something For Everyone!

The Frauenthal Center is a great sponsor of the Positively Muskegon blog, and we're proud to call them a partner.

If you've not noticed...the Frauenthal Center is becoming a much busier place offering more and more options for entertainment for Muskegon.  Music, art, community and a historic theater all come together to provide Muskegon a true gem on Western Avenue.

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Spring is here, and the Frauenthal is keeping up the charge to provide more options, different genres and they are reaching out to entertain people who are not traditionally "theater people".  Don't get me wrong, as far as a first class facility goes, the standards will all be there.  The Symphony, The Muskegon Civic Theater, Alley Door Club, The Art Gallery even the famous box of popcorn they still sell there and no one can seem to say no to as the smell fills the lobby.  Even "PJ" is excited about keeping all the anchors of the place, while adding a lot of new options to get you down to the "Frau" for a great night out.  If you've not heard of PJ...well, you've got some visiting to do.

Ricki Levine took over the managing director role last August.  We went to welcome her to town back then and asked what some of her priorities would be.  Increasing attendance with more diversity of shows was certainly on her agenda back then.  With Spring here, the Frauenthal is busting at the seams with shows coming up.  There are 11 shows there in the month of March alone. You'll be entertained by everything from plays, to concerts the famous Showcase is coming up as well as 1964 The Tribute to the Beatles, The US Navy Band, Gaelic Storm is going to make an appearance even a free concert with artist Stacey Kent!

It was time to catch up with Ricki and get a report on everything coming up at out historical theater.  All of this activity in under a year is a great sign of things to come, so I stopped in to the Frau to learn a little more and see how Ricki sees things in about 3/4 of a year in town.  Take a listen to out chat below.

You wanted wanted bigger, you wanted to see the Frauenthal Center provide entertainment for  everyone.  Your wishes have been granted!  Take a look at the list of events coming up in March and on into the Summer.  The Frauenthal's exciting new direction will not only give us folks in Muskegon a little more culture, but it will continue to bring people in to town to see the always expanding Western Avenue, eat at some of our fine local restaurants and maybe even hoist a taste of our outstanding local brews!  You'll find the full list of the events in the Frauenthal link below!

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