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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meet Pete! Get Ready for Muskecon This Weekend at the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor

Remember the days when the comic book swap meet would come to the Knights of Columbus Hall and 10-12 "geeks" would be standing behind crates  of old comic books waiting for the mega score to come along and make them rich because they had some rare edition of a Spiderman or Green Lantern comic?  Ya....that was then, but today a comic convention is a BIG event and it's turned being a "geek" into an awesome experience shared by participants and observers alike.

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Comics, games, toys, movies, costumes.  Action figures, role play and fantasy worlds and more combine at a comic convention now a days.  People who have been life long fans of characters, shows, sci-fi, music movies and more gather together to celebrate what they love!  Larger comic events have become staples for the movie and television industry, often attracting the biggest names of their field.  Superstars meet with super-fans to talk about galaxies far far away, Vulcan Death Grips are exchanged and fellowship is formed around beloved characters and memories!

We're not exactly on the comic convention circuit in Muskegon, well, we were't until now.  Muskecon is set to take place at the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor on march 18th and it's pacing to be yet another "must be seen" event in Muskegon!

You'll find comic books for sure, but you'll also find toy collectors, artists, gamers, cos-play characters.  You'll also find a horror movie makeup seminar...hey, that could at very least come in handy at Halloween!  Do you like He-Man?  Transformers?  Star Wars?  You'll find plenty of other folks who are in to the same things you are and you might even be able to add to your collection of retro toys, or..maybe find a buyer for that still in the box treasure from 1978 when The Six Million Dollar Man ruled supreme!

The event is being organized by Pete McCarthy who's a Captain at the White Lake Fire Authority.  Pete hopes to bring together a lot of people who enjoy the fun of everything comic.  Take a listen to our chat below to learn more!

True confession time...yes...I am a geek too.  Personally, it's Star Wars, Kiss and NASA.  Personally, I think it's a trip back to a simpler time when hero's were all larger than life,  Infallible idols who had no fault, did nothing but awesome and let me imagine what life would be life to be so iconic.  I think too, that having a passion for something that's just fun is an important part of life.  The quest to collect the stuff you missed as a kid, or to test wits against others who love the same things you do!  Make sure you check out Muskecon March 18th.  A great time will be had by all and you might even find that Six Million Dollar Man with the roll up arm skin to actually see the bionics!  Plan on seeing you there.  Click on the image below to follow Muskecon on Facebook!

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