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Monday, March 27, 2017

All Of Our Work - On One T-Shirt - Positively Muskegon Thoughts By Andy O

Way back when, like a year and a few months ago, I come to the conclusion that Muskegon needed something available to it's residents that would give them a platform to show what they are doing.   Large and small, we've worked to show you the people who make Muskegon what it is and keep us moving.  I think we've done a pretty good job of that with what we have.  We have invested in people and technology to make the presentation a little more diverse and presentable.

It's been awesome!

This past weekend, the Mrs. and I ran down to Detroit for an event.  It was a large scale vendor and food truck event called All Things Detroit and Food Truck Rally.  Let's be honest, Detroit has taken some of the same lumps we have, but on a much bigger scale.  It's not stopped us from going to spots events and concerts there, but as Detroit is carving a new path at the same time we are, I wanted to go catch the vibe and see if I could pick anything up from it.  As we were strolling the marketplace, I stumbled on a guy selling shirts....and my jaw hit the floor.  He managed to say in one t-shirt what I have been preaching here for over a year.  Here's a look at that shirt.

Now, since he was able to sum it all up like that doesn't mean that we're going to change the way we do things here.  Nope, in fact...we've got every intention of continuing on with Positively Muskegon and in a short time, you will even see an expansion of what we do while we'll be sure to protect what we have here.  We need to see the good things people do.  Period.

What got me is the undertone of the whole message.  I'd like too to ask you to start seeing that around here.  Reflect it in your daily life.  When you see someone who's giving more than they should, appreciate them.  Believe in a better community and it will happen!  Do what you can to ignore what you hear and see about the "bad" image that gets projected so often.  Honestly, if you are here on the streets on a day in and day out it really that bad?  I personally don't feel threatened or out of place anywhere here in Muskegon.  I feel I am among friends and neighbors and I also feel that if I am able to lend a hand.....I am going to do it!

Belief is the first step.  If you have on ounce of belief in you....nurture it.  Grow it!  Not everything is going to be perfect, but believe more in the positive and good and less in what we hear and see about problems.  Of the problems....think of what you can do, even in the smallest of the sense and do it.  Believe that what you can do... can and will make a difference.   Believe in the people around you and their passions.  We've worked hard on your beliefs and will keep right on doing that.

The second step.  It's all highlighted in red.  BE THE GOOD.  If you have a smile to give, give it.  If you have tools or treasure...share what you can.  Be kind, be friendly be above "what you hear" and be part of the reality.  That reality is that we've got a new era unfolding in Muskegon, just like in Detroit....and who would have thought it could all be summed up in something you read on a t-shirt!

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