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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The 2000 Man March Returns to Rowan Park in Downtown Muskegon Heights June 10th

2016 saw the beginnings of a new outlook in Muskegon Heights.  Mayor Kim Simms introduced us to the term "The New Normal". The community too saw a great deal of clean up, I for one thought the lighting of the community Christmas tree was a spectacular event but, to me, there was a single most incredible event that happened and that was the 2000 Man March put on by Eddie Sanders Jr.

I am going to freely admit...going into that day, I was a little nervous.  I had never felt nervous driving around town, I had been to plenty of places in Muskegon Heights as well and had no reason to feel any unease, but I did.  I had let my mind be controlled by rumor, assumptions and what I had heard from others.  I had become friends with Eddie in the past, and to me, that was more important than anything else.  So, it came down to trust.  Which I was willing to do.  I think a big part of it in my mind too, was acceptance.  Would I be accepted at this event, or would I be seen as an outsider coming in for a day to march around, hang out in the park for a while and not come back.  I was afraid of rejection.

Eddie in action with Men of Color Read

What I walked away with...was more than I had hoped.  No, I wasn't an outsider...yes...I was welcomed by friends and strangers, I found a task and did what I could to make myself useful.  Me and a guy I had never met got to work putting up a giant inflatable bounce house.  As the crowd grew, so did the excitement.  Eddie was awesome at the point.  He had all the right people in the right places, he had built an atmosphere of good vibes and a positive message.

The event got underway and the marchers took off.  After their walk, they returned to the park and I can honestly say I was left speechless.  Everyone was talking.  Everyone was friendly.  I was treated like a neighbor.  I was touched on so many levels and my mind was changed.  After that hot summer day, I felt Muskegon Heights was truly part of my community.

Eddie Out  Front of Last Years March

It's happening again.  This year, the event will be a little bigger.  You'll find a few more things to do.  There will be a couple bounce houses, food, music and fellowship.  I hope too that you'll find the most important thing there.... YOU!

June 10th Rowan Park in Downtown Muskegon Heights the 2nd 2000 Man March will take place, a drive to put unity back in community and Eddie is once again behind it all.  I asked Eddie if he had a few to sit down and talk, which we did...right on the steps of the Christ Temple Church.  Take a listen below.

That's how a news story outta be done.  I made a friend in Eddie, but I also found a leader.  We have shared some of the same path in the past, and today in my heart of hearts I believe we still share a path that's heading in the right direction.  I know this too... from my day in Muskegon Heights we are all better off making sure all of the communities in our area are ours.  We've seen long enough that us being individual neighborhoods only goes so far.  I am asking you please... come down to the 2000 Man March and see for yourself.  Work to build every part of town up.  Don't let yourself be run by hearsay and presumption.  Help unify for we are stronger together.  You hear it all the time... Watch Us GO.  The key word... US.....all of us.  As as we go....follow leaders like Eddie.  For more information on the event, click below for the Facebook page.

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