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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Habitat For Humanity at Work in Muskegon for Adam and Stephanie

We've told you about Habitat for Humanity before.  You may have seen the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store locations around town.  They sell re-purposed and recovered items for your home.  Habitat is an international organization with a local connection and their work is the stuff miracles are made of.  Well, one of those miracles is happening in Muskegon right now.

Meet Adam and Stephanie.  I have known them for quite a few years.  They are a kind couple they have a two year old daughter. Jaimi and they have been doing what they can to find a better place to call home for her.  They work hard, but like many, they find it hard to get ahead and the idea of improving their living situation seemed like it was slipping away more and more every day.  They applied to Habitat a couple of years ago and had to continue to wait.  But in 2017, their time has come and they will be getting a new home in the Nims Neighborhood in Muskegon.

Habitat for Humanity of Muskegon
Keep in mind, Habitat homes are not free.  There is a lot of work that goes into even getting qualified for a Habitat home.  There are classes on financial literacy, income requirements, willingness to partner with Habitat working for 275 hours of  "sweat equity".  There is also a need to prove that you need better housing.  It's not a hand out through Habitat.  Adam even grabbed himself the Goodwill Achiever of the Month award for his involvement.

This past week, they had the ground breaking, which they deem the ground blessing for Adam and Stephanie.  Family and friends gathered, dignitaries were there, golden shovels and everything.  There was a buzz in the air, there was barely a parking spot to be found up and down the street and much to my surprise, the address I was sent to was an empty lot.  I kind of expected to find a home to be restored, but's a home to be built from the ground up and a new beginning for some really good hearted and deserving people.

Also among those there was some guy with a camera and Clare Root-Benson fro Habitat for Humanity of Muskegon.  Adam and Stephanie have agreed to let us follow their journey into their new home and their new neighborhood as the construction continues.  Our first visit captures their thoughts on this truly amazing day.  Take a listen.

I did pretty good while I was there, but as I drove away...heck, as I write this....I have some tears welling up.  To me, this is proof of exactly how amazing humans can be when they wish to.  Sure, the requirements are difficult, but this is truly a life changing moment for a family and a way for a community to look at the rest of the world and show that we care.  We're watching a miracle unfold right in front of us.  One miracle leads to another which leads to another...and another.  I am a firm believer we live in a town filled with miracles and if you have not noticed....they are happening more and more all the time.  Take a moment to congratulate Adam and Stephanie and then take a moment to get involved if you have the time.  If you want a miracle, be the miracle.
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