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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Play Ball! The Muskegon Clippers Bring Baseball Back to Muskegon June 6th!

I don't know how much more positive you can get than a warm Summer evening, the smell of popcorn in the air, stands filled with friends and family all waiting to hear the two most famous words in baseball...... Play Ball!

In Muskegon, we've had such an incredible history with baseball to know it's alive and well and still being played at Marsh Field...well, it's time for a story.

We had Pete Gawkowski on last year, yup... he remembers huddling around the GoPro camera we started off with, but as we've grown we're not confined to a small space anymore, in fact..we headed out to Marsh Field to get the story going while they were putting a fresh mow on the beautiful green grass and setting up some of the batting cages and things behind us.  A beautiful day to visit a historic landmark in Muskegon.
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The Muskegon Clippers play a busy two month schedule and if you think it's some kind of "almost" league, guess again.  These players are collegiate level players who are being scouted for their turn in the majors.  Yes, some young people heading into sports fame still see the value of a good old college education and this Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League is a valuable part of their college years.  Scouts form major league teams all come, note pads and radar guns in hand to see who exactly they can find to head up to the show.  The difference between the collegiate league, and the actual college...wooden bats!

The park, in as much as it's a historic landmark, it's a modern day entertainment facility too.  You'll find all you expect from a ball game.  There's food, beverage, fun games for the crowd to participate in as well as music, sing a longs, base running after the game.  It's a big time ballpark experience at a Muskegon price.  Tickets start a $3 bucks and go up to $20.

As we talked before, Pete Gawkowski joined me at Marsh Field and brought Ben Davis along who's done his fair share of ball playing and now works to help others realize their dream too.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's our national pastime.  It's a place where memories are made and it's custom fit for Muskegon.  The prices are right, it's located on hallowed grounds, close to home and fans young and old will get to enjoy the sound of the cracking bat and the roar of the crowd as Summer once again offers more opportunities in Muskegon than ever before!  For more on the Muskegon Clippers, click on the opening day banner below and we'll see you at the park.

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