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Friday, June 23, 2017

Bootsy's Beat Blog - Life in Muskegon From a Kids Point of View

When I was 10 I was riding around on my mini bike, building forts and hoping to be able to spend the night a couple times a week at any friends house that had Cinemax.  That was life in 1980 and good or bad, the average 10 year old today is kind of forced into a little more complicated life.  Computers, phones, tablets, social's all overwhelming enough for me let alone a pre-teen kid.  Do you ever wonder what life in Muskegon looks like through the eyes of a young person?

Well, you may remember Boots, who came on the blog a little over a year ago.  She came on to talk about the Muskegon Dog Park which she was very excited about and doing what she could do to help get the project up and running.  Now that that's underway, Boot's has taken it upon herself to stat her next project and that's to show the world a little more about Muskegon from her point of view.  The Blog is called Bootsy's Beat.
Boots at  yoga

The great opportunity I see here is two fold.  One, I don't ever see a bad time to develop a new talent.  Boots has shown some pretty keen interest in becoming a writer and has some pretty amazingly artful people around her.  The blog, was all her idea and she's being supported in it by her dad Chris Cordle and Sarah Sass who had a thing or two behind bringing us Veda Rooks...who's made a dent in the writing world too.  Secondly, starting as young as she is, 10....soon to be 11 mind you, we're all in for a ride.  This is the chance to watch a young person develop along with the town.  Watch her perspective change as life unfolds and as Muskegon begins to take shape once again.  She'll be on hand to chronicle what matters to her and what impacts her life.  She'll be able to hold the mirror up for us once in a while and show us what's right and wrong and for now...a reminder of what it's like to be a kid.

I took the chance to sit down with Boots now that I have a big boy camera, last time it was still the GoPro and talk about her blog and why she wants to do it.  Take a listen.

I am excited.  Not only to watch a kid take off, but to follow her and help where I can.  As we talked in the interview, the way we're getting our news and info is changing.  People are mobile...and they are adapting.  News isn't at 6 and 11 any more and it's certainly not thrown up on your front porch any more every morning.  You don't need a degree and a cheap suit to repot on things anymore and even if you're 10...soon to be 11 mind you...what you have to say matters and who you talk to can make a world of difference.  If you are so inclined...follow Bootsy's Beat, it's linked in the photo below!

Bootsy's Beat Blog