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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dancing Into the Sunset in Fruitport's Pomona Park Every Wednesday All Summer

Get up and bust a move!  Shake a leg, do the funky chicken, the cha cha slide, the cool jerk, the twist, the hop...whatever it takes...get up, get moving and get out!  There's an opportunity for you to do just that every Wednesday in Fruitport thanks to Susie Halter and the Fruitport Lions Club.  Dancing Into the Sunset is free fun designed to get you out and get you back in touch with friends and neighbors.

It kinda started like this.  Susie has a bit of a history with dancing.  Originally from the Chicago area, she was a dances with the USFL Chicago team back in the day.  While the football league didn't make it Susie retained her love for dancing and eventually brought it with her to Muskegon when she and her family came her years ago.  Recently, she's gone through a resurgence of happy feet as she participated in Dancing With the Local Stars put on by the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce, and from that...she saw a need for more people to get up and get funky.

A little leg work and a little searching to find just the right spot turned up the band shell in Pomona Park in Fruitport.  There's some history there too.  At one time, there was a giant pavilion out over the water where people would gather and dance the night away, there are just pilings left now.  The history remains though and as more and more events like Dancing into the Sunset pop up all over the area, history is repeating itself just a few yards from where those legendary dances of yesteryear took place.
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Susie has added a little something too, each week she hopes to have some of her dancing friends on hand to help those coming to the event learn a little something.  I mean, let's be honest, dancing is an art, and to's a little intimidating.  If you've got a little instruction and a couple ideas of how to move that body of yours it makes it a little bit easier to stop being a wall flower.

Susie found a few minutes to chat up the event.  We met up at the park with a warm breeze and beautiful backdrop to talk about it.  Take a listen below.

I am never without amazement when it comes to people seeing a need and jumping in with both feet to get it done.  Everything here is free.  The time is donated...the cost is zero and the individual and community benefits are without end.  Pack up a picnic basket.  Drive, boat or bike to Pomona Park on a Wednesday night and enjoy the beautiful sunset while spending an evening with your family making some new friends and memories.  This is a community building event and if you see Susie...give her a pat on the back and say thanks.

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