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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wings of Mercy Care Affaire at Executive Air in Muskegon June 10th

Imagine the news that you, or a loved one has a problem that can't be fixed locally.  We have awesome medical care here, but sometimes a trip to a place like the Mayo Clinic or Duke University is needed to see a specialist.

Not only are you dealing with the diagnosis, you're dealing with all the expense of it as well as travel  It's overwhelming to say the very least.

There is an organization that helps.  Wings of Mercy transports patients and families to medical centers free of charge so that they can help people in their time of need and save them the time and cost of getting where they need to be.   Yes, the pilots get a little benefit out of it, their time in the air is valuable to them to keep their license and you know...they get the personal satisfaction of being there in someone's time of need.  But there are some costs involved.  Fuel, runways, hangar all adds up and Wings of Mercy steps in.
Learn More About the Muskegon Host Lions

All of the pilots who fly for Wings of Mercy volunteer their time and the added expense is picked up by Wings.  They are a national organization, but they have a very active chapter here in West Michigan and your chance to help them continue to provide  their service is Saturday June 10th at Executive Air right next to the Muskegon County Airport.

You'll start the day with the Muskegon Host Lions Club pancake breakfast.  There's a car show happening, The Chris Boes Memorial Bike Run, a 5k walk or run you can compete in, airplane rides, helicopter rides...the list goes on and on and the best part is, the forecast looks amazing for this weekend.

I caught up with Grace Spelde of Wings of Mercy and Ernie Stacy and Roger Smith of the Muskegon Host Lions in a hangar at Executive Air to talk about all the details.  Take a listen.

Very personally, I got involved with Wings of Mercy as I watched a friends son battle cancer.  The Chris Boes Memorial Ride is named after him and it's a great part of a great day.  Enjoy the site, have a hearty breakfast, take a spin in a plane...just be a part of this.  In my mind, this is actually watching a miracle happen.  Amazing how awesome humans can be.  Click on the image below to learn more about the event and Wings of Mercy.

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