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Thursday, June 15, 2017

West Michigan Business and Craft Fair at Hackley Park June 24th

We're "Watching Us Go".   More and more, the idea is seeming to catch on and inspiring people are taking action.  Action is a big part of the next phase... I mean, standing around and watching is one thing, but unless someone is getting their hands dirty, we're going nowhere.

Well, they are...and Muskegon is a community on the move.

There is an issue however though...being an upstart is tough.  How do you get the exposure you need for your business?  Where do you invest wisely to have the impact you need to see a return on investment?  Where to connect with others who are upstart entrepreneurs like yourself to share thoughts, experiences, concerns and hopefully some success stories?  Well you can join club after club or organization after organization.  Trade networks, Craig's List ad's, Facebook Groups , the list goes on and on, or you could stop into the West Michigan Business and Craft Fair June 24th at Hackley Park.
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Vanessa Davis got a hold of me to let me know about the event.  Vanessa is a jewelry maker. She loves to create things that help women feel beautiful, and a quick scroll across her Facebook page you'll see in a hurry, she's good at what she does.  Like many others, she relies on her creative side for an income and in as much as craft shows around the holidays are great, the goal of a year round business is always at the top of her mind.  Her husband Tony, left a union job to follow his dream of owning a business and opened Pampered Auto Hand Car Wash and Detail Shop on Apple Ave.  Their combined desire to build and grow their own business drove them to want to help others get the word out about theirs.

From their event page - "  Our Community Business and Craft Fair is intended to bring recognition to 150 small businesses, artists and crafters. Our event will help those in our community who have not been able to advertise or exhibit their skills and talents due to the costs involved. Our intent is to underwrite some of the costs for them with a much smaller participation fee. Our hope is that our community will see and experience the great products & services we have right here in West Michigan. Increasing commerce is our goal."

Vanessa and Tony were to meet up with me at Hackley Park, but when we were scheduled to tape, the sky was a little threatening so we went to Drip Drop Drink as plan b.  Take a listen to out chat below.

It takes all of us.  It takes those who are established and those who are just getting started.  Together, we build toward a solid community and solid local economy.  No idea is too crazy and no opportunity is far fetched.  Let's be honest, there's a guy going around town with a video camera and a couple websites spreading a message or two....if he can make can anyone.  Vanessa and Tony are chasing their dreams and so should you.  If you're not out for the chase just yet, stop by the event and see who is.  

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