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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex - Let's Do It!

Make no mistake...Old Man Winter got here and grabbed hold quick!  What do you do when Muskegon is in the deep freeze?  You get out and play in to of course and there's no better spot than the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex!

The 2016 season got here a little early so...over the hills and through the woods I went to catch up with Jim Rudicil about this seasons opening and events!

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Always improving, the 2016 season marks a lot of great things happening at the Winter Sports Complex.  As I drove up...the all hands on deck atmosphere was strong.  They were flooding the skating rink...working on the luge....grooming the trails and I even stepped into a new, warmer, quieter lodge.  They added some new carpet...they've rigged up a big screen or two.  The skate and snowshoe rentals were all neatly organized and the snack bar was once again filled with treats for everyone.

There will be plenty of special events in the 2016.  Party in Your Parka is back...bigger and better than ever.  Watch Us Go Pink will be making a return for the Susan G Komen West Michigan push.  How about the "Try-Athalon"?  Maybe the Dine and Glide event where you ski the cross country trail from station to station to enjoy dinner?  No special event is needed though, there are plenty of open times day and night that the family can get out and enjoy the Winter season here in Muskegon.

Season Passes While They Last!!  $140 for the Family

There is still an opportunity too for you to get a season pass that will allow everyone in your household a pass to enjoy the park anytime you like at a ridiculously low price!  It was good to catch up with my buddy Jim.  Take a listen to our chat below for more details!

Amazing effort!  It's a park built by the community for the community.  The new lighting will assure not only hours of fun going well into the night, but the generosity of Arconic will assure sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint for years to come!  The park is run by a small staff and a legion of volunteers...so make use of it.  If you do....consider offering up some time to help the place out...and at very least....get those family season passes while you can!  Thanks to Jim for having me out today and stay tuned right here to hear more about the events as they get closer!!

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