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Thursday, December 22, 2016

LINKED Muskegon - Your New Career Awaits

If you listen carefully, you know that for the last few years the talk is getting louder and louder about the necessity for trained skilled workers.  It's not just talk about "what could be" either.  This is a real need that will need to be met as time goes on and it's also a remarkable way to make a pretty great living!

There's even a way in Muskegon to help streamline your preparation for the future! There are multiple places involved like White Lake, Orchard View and Fruitport Community Education the MAISD and Michigan Works are asking you get to know LINKED Muskegon a little more!

Best part is.....won't cost you a dime!

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Skilled trades?  Just what are they?  They are jobs that don't necessarily require a college degree.  Would a welding career suit you?  Maybe you'd like to learn how to operate a CNC machine?  Is the lack of a high school diploma costing you?  Do you need a hand with job readiness?  Well, the LINKED Muskegon program might just be the avenue you're in search of!

It's a collaborative effort between West Michigan Works and the Muskegon ISD.  In 18 weeks you'll become a highly trained, highly effective employee that will have the skills fill a job with a projected gap of 2 million openings due to lack of trained workers!

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From the LINKED website - "Ten students participated in the pilot program during the spring of 2016. The program culminated with a showcase where students met with local employers to discuss their experience and skills. Seven of the pilot program's participants were placed into employment and seven received their GED or high school diploma upon completion."

Sound like something you'd like to know a little more about?  I stopped out to the MAISD office and talked to Randy Lindquist.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's a growing gap and people who can do things like run a machine or weld are in high demand!  Trust me when I tell you... I come from a family of welders and pipe fitters...it's a lucrative trade that you can use in so many ways!  The opportunity for you to grow is right here...and right now.  Seize the day and get more information about LINKED Muskegon in the link below!

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