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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Norton Shores Fire Prevention Calendar 2016 in Muskegon - A 2017 Calendar

I try to make sure that the blog doesn't really get involved in other things I have going, but last night at the Roosevelt Park City Council meeting, we had a couple of the guys from the Norton Shores Fire Department stop in to talk about the work they do in the community outside their calls for service.  One part of which is a really cool calendar they have a hand putting together with areas kids.  So...I piped up and got an appointment to learn a little more!

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Robert Gagnon is the Fire Chief and Ted Kamitz is the Fire Marshall.  Norton Shores covers their city as well as Roosevelt Park for fire protection.  They are a very engaging department and they focus on making sure that people of all ages have the knowledge they need to escape a fire.  As they spoke last night, it's come a long way from "stop drop and roll".  They have open houses...they work in the schools, they install free smoke detectors to the residents they serve...they invite teens in to job shadow and the list goes on.  I am sure that other fire departments in the area have the same kind of outreach, but since this particular calendar caught my eye...we'll talk about it.

You'll find some pretty cool things about this calendar!  Most importantly... the artwork done for the calendar is all by school kids who live in the service area of the NSFD.  Not only does their original art make a splash....the "winning photo" gets featured in the fire barn as the have been for years.  What a great reminder to the guys on the crew of the importance of their job and how they protect even the smallest in the event of a fire or emergency

I dropped into the Pontaluna fire barn and talked a little more with Chief Gaganon and Fire Marshall Kamitz.  Take a listen below!

Our police, fire and first responders all over Muskegon make sure that when the unthinkable happens, they are ready.  The work that goes into open houses....community engagement and outreach is a key piece for all of our fire and police.  We are lucky to have such good people keeping an eye on us and special thanks to the Chief and Fire Marshall for taking a few minutes today to talk about the 2017 calendar!  You can pick your calendar up at the Norton Shores City Office for $5!

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