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Wings Over Muskegon
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Muskegon Loves Hockey - Of All Kinds! Jacks Vs. Sledwings Dec 10th

We're a hockey town!  Going all the way back to the Zephyr's way back in 1960 to today's premiere development league in the United States the USHL...Muskegon has left it's mark on the game.  Pond hockey happens....pick up leagues are all over, pee wee's, mighty mights, legends leagues...they all happen in Muskegon.

Hockey is a physically demanding sport as we all know...but those with physical limitations want to play too....so... enter the Sled Wings!

Junior Sled Hockey is a partnership program between Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and the Grand Rapids Griffin's Youth Foundation giving players with lower limb disabilities a chance to stay active, enjoy some mobility they might otherwise never find and compete like any other athlete.  Programs start for players as young as 7.  They have home and away games like any other team and they play games both in and outside of Michigan including a very special game coming up at the LC Walker arena against the Muskegon Lumberjacks who will set aside their skates for a day for sleds!

Ralph Burr has been a long time part of Muskegon hockey and has organized the game between the Sled Wings and the Lumberjacks on December 10th.  The game is being played for a donation.  Ralph also has a very special attachment to the Sled Wings with his grandson Phillipe playing.  Ralph found a few minutes to talk about the game, and brought Phillipe and Coach Steve Kozlowski from the Sled Wings along too,  take a listen to our chat below.

Our town sport of hockey... it belongs to everyone!  It's an amazing way to see the game in a different light and it's also an awesome way for the Lumberjacks to help raise the level of exposure and outreach for sled hockey in Michigan.  Make sure you plan to head to the LC Walker Arena for the Sled Wings vs. The Lumberjacks on December 10th.  To learn a little more about the sled hockey offered by Mary Free Bed and The Griffins, click on the sled hockey photo below!

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