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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sportsmen's Wild Game Dinner!

Tired of the usual fare?  Hot dogs, mac and cheese and bologna sandwiches wearing a little thin on you?  Well, how about a chance to taste something brand new, enjoy a night out and maybe help the United Way out a little?  Be a part of the Sportsmen's Wild Game Dinner happening at the Folkert Community Hub on Seminole Road in Muskegon March 24th!

Jana Routt is the Labor Liaison at the United Way of the Lakeshore and her primary focus is to engage working families with an impact strategy that changes the lives of peoplecin  their community for the better, bridge the gap between working families and resources to help them become successful and strengthen labor relationships  and advocate for the importance of organized labor for working families in our community.  Whew!  She also gets to put on quite a shindig featuring all kinds of exotic food and a focus on fun with raffles, a silent auction, door prizes and more!

I had a chance to sit down with Jana and learn a little more about the going on and get you the details of the party!  Take a listen!

Make sure, you take a chance once in a while and try something new!  Head out to the Sportsmen's Wild Game Dinner and take a ride on the wild side for a night!

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