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Monday, April 10, 2017

The Muskegon Chamber Choir - American Voices Concert April 29th

Are you like me?  You pretend to understand what a Chamber Choir is if someone mentions it, and then go on about your day.  Are you like me too when it comes to knowing that Muskegon has it's very own Chamber Choir and it's been going strong for 52 years....and you didn't even know they were there?  Well, we're both getting our learn on today and it will culminate with an invitation for you.  Here we go!

Muskegon Chamber Choir on Facebook

A Chamber Choir is made up of 8-40 members.  They sing classical or religious music in a concert setting.  It's really no more complicated than that.  In Muskegon, we've been very fortunate to have had our very own Chamber Choir for 52 years.  David Wikman founded the choir to perform at a festival in Northern Michigan.  Practice began and the festival fizzled.  Those who were brought together by Mr. Wikman did a little convincing that even though the festival didn't make it... the Muskegon Chamber Choir was born.  Their first performance was given in 1964.  Hmmm.....wasn't 1964 another pinnacle year for some other band too?

Today, the Muskegon Chamber choir is being co-led by Brad Taylor and Jim Hylen.  It's been a transition for the new guys in charge.  You get the immediate feeling that while capable..Brad and Jim have some pretty big shoes to fill from David Wikman.  They are rising to the challenge and planning this season and next.   Their Spring concert is coming up April 29th at the Central United Methodist Church and it's a focus on the American Voices.  It's an opportunity for you to bring the family out and experience the show for a donation.  Yes, they are not charging a ticket price, so as generous as you can to help the group out.

Brad and Jim spent a few minutes today telling me a little about the history, current events and future coming up for the Muskegon Chamber Choir.  Take a listen to our chat below!

I'm going to re-emphasize one point.  The importance of The Arts.  This is a golden opportunity to get the kids away from the X-Box and let them see and hear real humans, with incredible talents combine their collective gifts to make something amazing.  So often today, young people are bombarded with run of the mill, cookie cutter "entertainment" and they lack true appreciation for fine arts and subsequently, as generations pass...that art stands the risk of being forgotten.  Take some time on the 29th of April for yourself and your kids and check out the Muskegon Chamber Choir.  You'll be glad you did!  When you get done at the show...tell some friends about the Muskegon Chamber Choir!  Click on the picture below for their website!

Muskegon Chamber Choir

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