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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dynasty Painting - Offering a House Painting in Muskegon

Positively Muskegon!  We go out of our way to find great people doing great things in Muskegon and we shine a little light on them to help spread the word!  Spreading the word is one of our favorite things!  Spreading paint.....not so much!  That's beside the point.  There are those who LOVE to paint!  There are those that take that love of painting and make a living at it!  That's the story with Dynasty Painting and Power Washing!

Enrique Gutierrez
Enrique Gutierrez is the owner and operator of Dynasty Painting of Muskegon.  He reached out to me to tell me of a pretty spectacular offer he's making for someone who could use a hand in Muskegon getting the exterior of their house painted!  Enrique has Sherwin Williams Paint of Muskegon on board to help with the cost.  He's going to throw in the labor and someone will have a brand spankin' new looking exterior!  This is a pretty incredible promotion to say the very least.

Part of the fun will be his taping of the entire project fro start to finish to show what they have done for Muskegon.  A mini reality show maybe?  Hey, at very least your house will be a star!  Now, there are some stipulations....let's face it, there has to be a need here.  Dynasty Painting is looking for an individual or family that might not be able to swing a project of this size into their budget.  Maybe it's a physical limitation, financial's one of those need things, not a freebie form someone too lazy to do it themselves.  This is meant to be a gift to the community.

I met up with Enrique at Gracie's Bookstore in Lakeside in Muskegon to learn a little more about Enrique, his business and this idea to share some of his time, talent and treasure to help make Muskegon a better place aesthetically, and why he thinks it's important to give something back to the people who make our town so great!  Take a listen to our chat below!

Amazing people, doing amazing things.  You heard from Enrique, he'd like to know why you, or someone you know need this work done!  I can tell you this, he's going to have a hard decision to make...some of the stories that come in about things like this can break your heart...BUT....people who reach out to help others with an act of kindness...those are the kind of people who make Muskegon what it is.  If you'd like to submit your request for consideration, the link to the Dynasty Painting Facebook page is right below!  If nothing else, click on it and give him a like.  A little attention in return for a gift to someone else... the least you can do!

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