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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bring Unused or Outdated Prescriptions For Safe Disposal April 29th

You know, I was sitting here trying to think of a way to slide in to this article.  So, I thought that I would start by saying that the first part of this here, it's opinion.  We'll get to the meat and potatoes momentarily.  If you'd care to just skip to the may.  :)

I am more and more finding myself looking at our society and the drugs in it.  I have to take a few, and I have nothing against prescribed medications.

That being said...I have a bum left foot and they tried me on one of the meds that they advertise on TV a lot.  I am not going to get into the name of it, because ya know...for someone else, it might work just fine.  But for was a nightmare.  You know how in commercial for pills, they have the "disclaimer" part where they tell you all the possible side effects of this drug, or that drug?  I got them. I thought that I was going to die from the physical side effects....unable to breathe...muscle pain...agitated....and if that's not bad enough for mental well being was terrible.  Can you imagine it's somehow OK to market a pill that has the "possible side effect of suicidal thoughts or actions". We sell that stuff, and all those warnings on TV are because they know that they can happen.  They are even selling a script now for people who are constipated due to opiates.  "You can't poop because you take too much Vicodin?  Here, here's another pill."  What in the actual hell is that all about?

So, back the story.  Have you been given a script you couldn't take?  Maybe it's sitting there in the kitchen cupboard.  You know, the skinny one.  Maybe it's time to do some Spring cleaning and you find a bottle or two of outdated aspirin.  Some cough syrup left over from the crud this past winter?  Don't know what to do with it?  Don't flush it...don't pour it down the drain...don't give it to your brother in law.....don't leave it sitting there.  You can dispose of it properly at the Norton Shores Fire Department on Pontaluna April 29th from 9a-1p.

No questions asked, no coast and no harm done to our environment.  You don't even have to get out of your car, you can drive right thru and drop it off and your done.  You'll be surprised as to just how much of this stuff is sitting around.  I had a chance to talk with Chief Jon Gale and Brian Harris of the Norton Shores PD and Rachel McCoy from the Health Project about the event. Take a listen to our chat below.

It's an easy way to rid yourself of some risk.  Don't let that kind of stuff sit around.  Take a look around the house, bag it up and bring it down. Hey, you at very least get to see some cool fire trucks, and some of the friendly Norton Shores boys in blue.  While you're there, take a moment to thank them for looking out for all of us in an ever increasingly crazy world.

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