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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Muskegon Area Students to Visit Ghana in Africa With 1037 The Beat and M106

Imagine the opportunity to take a trip like you've never imagined possible.  For some, travel is a daily part of life.  It can even get to be bothersome for those who do it all the time.  Once a year is plenty for's usually to a get away with me and the Mrs, and we're not often off on trips that have much more to do than get away.  Some local students are taking a little bigger trip however...and while they are there, they are going to get some learning done.

A view of Volta Lake in Ghana
The trip for these students is being organized and sponsored by Paul Billings who operates a couple of great local radio stations in Muskegon Heights.  103.7 The Beat is a community station that focuses on some pretty cool urban and hip hop music, and M106 is a Motown leaning station which shifts gears and plays some Electronic Dance Music on evenings and weekends.  Both very unique, and very local radio stations.  I have been a regular guest on both and I always feel great knowing I am going to the Mayes Wright Media Center on Peck Street.

I had seen a thing or two floating around social media about the upcoming trip.  The immense endeavor to get ready to go is enough to scare most off.  Vaccinations, passports, visa's, rooms,'s tough enough for just 2 people to travel internationally, imagine an entire crew.  All the work will pay off though.  At the heart of the matter, Paul is hoping to share an experience with these kids that will last them a life time.  A chance to visit where their origins began.  A chance to see a side of the world that not tainted by news channels, special interest organizations, charity's etc.  They are going to get a good look at what life in Africa is really like, and's much more than we get to see day in and day out.  How does their culture operate in an urban environment compared to the outskirts?  What's pop culture like in Africa?  How about the schools?  How about a perspective only attained by a visit to a magnificent land and the ability to return to see home in a different light?  Paul is making it all happen for the lucky kids who get to go.

Sat down with Paul for a few minutes to talk about this great undertaking.. take a listen to our chat below!

Remarkable!  As we talked in the's amazing to know a little more about your heritage.  I think that's true for just about anyone.  I have yet to take an adventure like this, but I can't say that Ireland isn't calling as loud as it possibly can,  Who knows, maybe someday.  The time for these kids is now though, and to stop and think that all of this is costing them nothing.  All they need to bring is an open mind, sense of adventure and the ability to come back and share their experience with makes Muskegon a better place.  If you'd like to contribute to the costs that are being entailed, please...follow the link below to help.  It's a PayPal link so you're not surprised.  You are contributing to a non profit.  Hats off to Paul for such a massive undertaking and his continued stewardship to his community and his listeners!

Click if You'd Like to Help Fund the Ghana Trip

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