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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Clean Up at the Muskegon State Park! Get a Free Night For a Little Help Cleaning Up the Place

It's getting to be that time.  Spring is Springing and Muskegon is getting ready for the deluge of tourists, bike riders, campers, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers!  People who like lakes...I think we have one or two of those don't we?  We're getting ready for the Summer and the Muskegon State Park can sure use a quick hand!

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Matt Schwemin is with the DNR of Michgan and he invited me out to talk a little about some of the same stuff we did last year.  Here's the thing.  You book a couple nights out at the Muskegon State Park.  You camp with your friends and family and make the best use out of it before the rest of the crowd gets here...and for a short amount of time during your stay, you pitch in and help the DNR get the campground cleaned up.  Maybe a little raking, picking up some rocks and sticks...easy stuff as a rule...and BOOM you'll get refunded for one of your nights!  Not only that, you'll get the personal satisfaction of knowing that your effort helped make Muskegon a more beautiful place for our visitors.

We didn't just leave it at that.  You may or may not have heard about the exciting happenings at the Winter Sports Complex.  Yes, the wheels are in motion to add in some pretty spectacular attractions that will make the Muskegon Luge park more than just a seasonal destination.  You'll soon see zip lines, rock climbing walls, some added areas that will serve dual purposes and a keen eye kept on making sure all of the new additions fit in the current footprint of the park and the natural beauty around it remains undisturbed.

Click on the video below to learn a little more.  We not only talk all things Muskegon State Park, you'll find some interesting info about just how much the State Park does for the Muskegon Area.

It's our home...but we're so lucky to be able to share it with those who come in to town to enjoy all that is Muskegon.  Like we talked in the video, it's here every day for all of us, and for those who seek out our greatest assets....we welcome them with open arms as well as making sure we all look the best we can.  If you'd like more information about the Michigan DNR click on the picture below.

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