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Friday, April 14, 2017

Darling Cetaceans Presents the 6th Earth Fair Expo at Montague High School April 22nd

Let me preface this article a moment.  When I first heard that there were some people trying to establish and ocean the middle of all the Great Lakes....I may have been a little quick to think "These folks are nuts."  There are some too who might think I am nuts doing what I am there's that.  I am also one to readily admit that if I failed to see the vision of Darling Cetaceans and now....I am on board to help spread the word!

Earth Fair Expo on Facebook
Darling Cetaceans is run by husband and wife Joel and Jennifer Darling.  Basically, they have been working in the field for the last few years.  The offer talks and seminars for schools, church groups, and they have been known to be a part of other expo's to help spread the word about their mission...and it's simply to protect the Earth and our water on it.  As Jennifer explains in the's all connected anyway...rivers, lakes, oceans and the planet.  Of those connections...I don't know of anything that swims, runs or fly's that's not totally dependent on all of it.  We have one planet...we have to protect it.

Not being a stranger to the expo business, Darling Cetaceans has held their own expo for a few years now.  In fact, their 6th Earth Fair Expo is coming up April 22nd at Montague High School and you're invited to check out this great FREE event on Earth Day itself!  Who doesn't love that idea?  Bring the kids, bring some friends bring an open mind and your ability to learn something new.  Darling Cetaceans is a very hands on group and they want people of all ages to interact, learn and grow some awareness for the delicacies we have to balance to maintain our home planet.  You'll find plenty of vendors at the event, you'll fins come giveaways including swag bags for the first 100 people who attend.

I was able to sit down with Jennifer Darling for a few minutes today to take a look at their brand new center on Mirriam Street in Muskegon Heights.  Beautiful office, amazing library and an amazing testament to sticking to what you believe in and making it happen.  Click on the video below to learn a little more from Jennifer.

Back to the beginning....honestly, I love it when people prove me wrong.  I love the fact that what people see as important isn't always on the top of my mind...doesn't have to be.  But...they have dug in...continue to share their message and they have established a much needed reminder in Muskegon as to how much we are all responsible for Earth and all of it's creatures!   Joel and hat's off to ya.  Click on the Darling Cetaceans picture below for their complete website.

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